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Finding and reading discussion posts and threads

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Once a discussion gets going, new posts can come in very quickly. There are a number of places in Learning Environment that identify new posts to help you keep on top of things:

  • The Updates widget on your course homepage lists the total number of unread posts for all discussion topics in your course.
  • The number of unread posts appears beneath each topic in the Discussions List. To see only topics with unread posts, click Unread in the Filter by tool navigation.
  • All topics that contain unread posts appear bolded if you have the Discussions List pane visible when viewing topics or threads.
  • Inside a topic, click Unread in the Filter by tool navigation.
  • You can subscribe to specific discussion forums, topics, or threads to receive an email, SMS, or minibar notification whenever there is a new post.

Reading posts

There are two ways to view posts inside a topic: using Grid View or Reading View. See Changing Discussions settings to learn how to change your default view.

In the Grid View, a list of posts appears at the top of the page, showing the subject, author, and date for each post. Click on a subject line to read the post; the full text appears in the preview pane or in a new window, depending on your personal settings.

Note  If you do not see this option, your organization may not have enabled Grid View and will default to Reading View. The Reading View is the only available view if you access a post via the Content tool.

Also in the Grid View, use the View drop-down list to switch between Threaded view, where posts are grouped with their replies, and one of the Unthreaded views (All Posts, Unread Only, Flagged Only, Unapproved Only).

In the Reading View, the full text of every post always displays once you click on a thread.

Find discussion posts

  1. On the Discussions List page, click on the topic you want to search for posts.
  2. Enter the terms you want to find in the search field and click the Search icon.

To see all posts again, click the Clear icon in the search field.

Read discussion threads

Click on a topic to display the View Topic page. Then, click on a thread to display all replies to the thread, along with the original post.


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